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I am a local manufacturer of a new product with provisional patent status. I've learned that I am a builder and designer, not a marketer and am looking for help marketing. I have a professional web site for the product and have sold about 2 dozen so far, but my google ad words ads do not seem to be drawing sales any longer. It's a good, unique product and only thing similiar on the market costs 3 times as much.

I am looking for someone to help sell these, not sure where to start but if you have some marketing experience contact me and we can work something out. I'm thinking of starting with an advertising budget, you tell me how to spend it, and you get commission from each unit sold. If you have other ideas let me know. You can do flyers, calls, faxes, emails, whatever you think will sell best.

This is a real physical product that I manufacture and I am not looking for help in that arena. Just marketing work to get them sold, and you make commission. Not a scam or MLM, contact me for details. 

  • Baltic, Connecticut, United States